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Midnight Sun, located in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape, specialise in energy storage systems and intelligent energy management solutions for commercial and high-demand residential customers, through our strategic partnerships with Sofar and Freedom Won.

Sofar’s newly released range of three-phase hybrid inverters are set to revolutionize the commercial storage market. Their ability to parallel up to 10 units, giving a maximum of 200 kwp, should find a home in 90% of the commercial and micro/mini grid market.

Freedom Won is a well-established market leader in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. They have spearheaded the development of the proprietary HV battery technology and BMS integration required for Sofar inverters. Available in 40/60/80 kwh packages as a complete plug and play solution. Larger storage available on request.

Our hardware works better with evergen.

Energy Storage Solutions

For a future powered by clean and reliable energy


Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (ESS)

Residential Solution

More and more homeowners are going solar to reduce their electricity bills and protect the environment for future generations. A battery system allows you to go even further by storing surplus solar generation for use at any time, increasing your savings and providing additional backup power in case of a blackout.

Midnight Sun offers homeowners complete energy storage systems that meet the needs of a wide range of building types and demand profiles.  Be part of the energy revolution by installing a battery storage system today.

Lithium iron phos- phate, the safest    chemistry of all lithium battery types

German design, superb performance and long lifespan.​​​​​

Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)

Multiple operation modes available 

Self Sufficient

Intelligent Control

Essential Load Protected

Modulated Battery

Long Lifespan

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